Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It has begun

Today is the fifth of November and it is evident that people are thinking about getting ready for............brace yourselves..............the holiday season, yikes! Luv-A-Rug has seen the beginnings of the holiday area rug cleaning season, that is a mouthful to say. I could be wrong about the pre-rug cleaning spurt we are having right now, but it is that time to start thinking about it.
We offer free Saturday pick up and delivery and we are booking up fast. Right now we are now booking for Nov. 22, so if you want to have us pick up your rug(s) please call soon. Just think if you get your area rugs cleaned now it will be one less thing to worry about when the crunch is on.
I wish we could make temporary clones of ourselves that would last about 24 hours or so, just imagine what we could get done. I know that in a few weeks I will be feeling very overwhelmed and really wanting that clone. Okay this is a short blog today because it is all I can fit in. I hope that everyone who celebrates Halloween had a safe and good time, mine was okay, it had it's moments of good and bad, but I am remembering the good because I choose to.
I didn't want to mention the historical event that happened in the USA last night, but I would like to say that I am happy about the results.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary