Thursday, October 16, 2008

Slammed into a brick wall

You are cruising along your chosen road of life, having fun, working, doing your day to day and then WHAM! the proverbial brick wall pops up out of nowhere. That happened to me on Tuesday Oct. 14. I was having a good day, I got my nails done, got my two dogs nails done, voted, did some shopping, was getting ready to start cooking a beef roast, then as I was about to call my friend I noticed someone had called. I looked at the number and it was from Nova Scotia, my home province. I listened to the message that was left, it was my mother. The first thing I noticed was that my mother said my name, she never calls me Mary when she leaves messages she calls me Boo, plus the tone of her voice hinted that things were not well. My first thoughts went to my grandmother and then to my brother. I thought that maybe something happened to them. I called my mother even though there is a four hour time difference and it was after 11pm Atlantic time.
The bad news was that my step dad has esophagus cancer! BAM! That is some freaking Brick wall!
They have known since August, but in true motherly fashion she didn't want me to worry, hence the delay in calling me. Well sorry mom, but I am worried and now I am trying to find a way to get home because as bad as this sounds I would rather see my dad sick than dead. It has been at least 8 years since I have seen my mom and dad and this is the circumstances that force me to plan a trip across country. The really sad part of all this is I have known my step dad since I was 3 yrs old, he is my dad's cousin and him and my mom married in 2000, but I don't really know him at all and he doesn't know me. Actually no one in my family really knows me since I never let them, we have the typical family structure- only talk when there is a death or holiday- some family members are closer but I am not unfortunately.
Okay so now you know too much personal tragic information, now to turn this around and write about area rug cleaning.
A few weeks ago we picked up an area rug for cleaning and the client asked about places to buy good area rugs in Victoria. We told her about several rug galleries to check out. The sad news is that she did not receive the level of service she should have nor get the area rug she wanted. It is unfortunate because now she may never go back to these rug galleries.
This client, who needs an area rug, willing to pay whatever it takes to get the right one, had a bad shopping experience. I felt horrible because we recommended these places and they completely dropped the ball without even realizing it. Victoria isn't a big city and because of her bad experiences these rug galleries now have tainted her area rug shopping experience.
We all know that we cannot please everyone, but our level of service can be kept the same. Remember that!
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary