Thursday, February 7, 2008

Around the World in a White Van

I mentioned that I would be going on a road trip around to Victoria's rug galleries. I did indeed do that on the 7th of Feb., but it was more of a trip around the Rug Belt. There are a lot of fabulous area rugs to be found in Victoria, B.C. It was great to meet the owners of the rug galleries, see what they specialize in, to find out what their top selling area is, and get a feel for their gallery. The knowledge I gained will help me better recommend where our clients can find the rug they want.
I went to seven rug galleries and was amazed at how different they all were. Victoria's rug galleries have everything from every day synthetic rugs, to hand knotted treasures and new designer modern rugs. I must admit that it was hard not to think about the cleaning difficulties of some of the rugs I saw. It would make my job easier if rugs came with cautions, such as- this rug it not recommended if you have pets. I am not looking forward to disappointing clients when they bring in one of those rugs. The rug I am talking about is very neat and fun, but cannot be thoroughly cleaned because the fiber type and construction of the rug.
I did happen to find the only Gabbeh rug in Victoria at one store. It was on the bottom of the pile and had two inches showing. They are my favorite kind of rug and are getting rare to find.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary