Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rug Cleaner's Dream? or Nightmare?

Hooray! I am back from my Edmonton adventure broke, but fashionable. I love West Edmonton Mall! You can so tell that I am a tourist in Edmonton. Not a lot of snow, just enough to satisfy my longing for it. I just remembered I didn't get to throw a snowball because the snow was soft and not moist enough to do so. Next year, maybe.
Back to work and back to area rugs.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of receiving the dustiest rug. It was in the home of someone who never took their work boots off and it showed. When I was unrolling it to see the shape and size, clouds of dust were coming out of the ends and we were unrolling very slowly. I love getting in dirty rugs because that is when the WOW! factor gets to be off the charts. The rug owner will be very pleased with the results and will not want to put it back into the home of the person who never took their boots off. It was impossible to tell if there were any stains other than the fine dirt it contained.

Finally unrolled. It was cream colour at one time, I am sure of it.
This is from rolling it pile side up.
I will take after pictures and post them. If nothing else the rug will be about 10lbs lighter. It would of been nice to see all the dirt our rug badger took out. You can learn more about the rug badger at
I believe if you want to find out your value at work take a week off. I had a lot of reminder calls/e-mails and messages to catch up on that my first day back I didn't get to do much else. It is good to know that I do a lot around the office and my contributions do not go unnoticed, at least I think so.
Now that I am caught up in my everyday duties I can now resume a daily blog. I have no stories about rugs from my vacation because I didn't think about area rugs, look at area rugs, I was doing nothing except power shopping and watching 80's re-runs on T.V.
Thanks for reading, RugloverMary