Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Chobi Way of Thinking

Every month we have a draw to give away a hand knotted wool area rug. We have a 30 second survey and entry form that our clients fill out when they come to the shop. It is our way of making Luv-A-Rug stand out and it is a great way to get referrals. For the next few months we are featuring the Chobi.

Chobi area rugs are hand knotted wool area rugs made in the mountainous tribal villages of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are made with high quality wool and dyed with vegetable dyes.

The name Chobi is derived from chobi rang which describes the wood like colouring these area rugs have.
Chobi area rugs have a wonderful antique look that compliments any deco. Chobi area rugs are perfect for entryways and reception areas as they make a strong artistic impression and are very durable.

I like the Chobi because it is very Gabbeh like. The antiquing wash they do to Chobis and Gabbehs makes the area rugs look like they are painted by hand. I hope that you enjoy them as well. Until next time, RugloverMary.